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My intention is to support the human capacity to heal through the conscious use of traditional, ancient wisdom.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I’ve worn my hair in locks for over 15 years. I have struggled with dry hair and scalp and am always looking for a product that is all natural and TRULY moisturizing without being greasy. Lots of expensive hair products manage one or the other, but not both. Rossana gave me a sample of her Goo and I was hooked: my hair was looking and feeling great in the dead of winter! I bought a large bottle for home and I kept the sample in my bag. (I even used it as a hand lotion – that’s how good it feels). The next time I got compliment on how great my hair looked, and the woman asked me what I was using, I gave her my sample on the spot. Pay it forward, people! Get the Goo!”

Tiffany James

“Rossana’s products vibrate the sweetest, best quality on every level. When I use them, I feel such a deep sense of self-nurturing.”

Ani Finch

“Rossana is a true healer!!! I consult with her on all aspects of nutrition. Her approach to clients is personalized and she makes a very unique assessment on each patient. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about herbs, nutrition, skin care and anything to do with health. She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. She is a wealth of knowledge to whom I trust and respect, fully. Thank you Rossana, you’ve made a world of difference in my life!”


“Rossana’s vibrant energy and green wisdom are infused into her lovely products! And if you give yourself the gift of taking a class with her you will walk away from it having clear, practical and inspiring information, and you’ll be excited and empowered on your path of herbal healing.”

Robin Rose Bennett

Herbalist and Author of Healing Magic-A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living, 10th anniversary edition and The Gift of Healing Herbs-Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life

“I had IBS. Rossana concocted a mixture of herbs which she picked right from country yard in CT. I was impressed with her knowledge of herbs and with her ability to create an effective herbal solution instead of a pharmaceutical one. After taking it, I felt better almost immediately .”

Ángel Fernández

“After using Rossana’s Goo for body lotion, I can’t use anything else! The luxurious texture nourishes my dry skin and the aromatherapy of the essential oils is like medicine for my soul. By shopping at Victory Plant Medicine Company, not only am I avoiding toxic chemicals, but I also know that my product is made with respect for nature and in accordance with my values as an Indigenous woman. Thank you Rossana for your incredible gifts!”

Nikomo Peartree

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