Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy. I have no interest in selling or sharing your information. I will only contact you with your permission and in circumstances where we need to complete an order. I will not harass you with unsolicited emails or phone calls.

How do I use the information I collect?

Newsletter Sign-Up

You are asked for your email address. We will use it only to send you a newsletter emailed about once per month.

Placing an Order

In order to ship an order, we require billing information, a shipping address, and a method of contacting someone in case there is an issue with payment, with filling an order, or with shipping. The information you give us when placing an order will be used only in completing that order.


While I do not anticipate any problems with the supplies or ingredients, there is always the possibility that a problem may arise. If I am ever informed by any of my suppliers that there is an issue with any of the ingredients, I will inform all my customers who have purchased products containing those ingredients if the products may be harmful in any way.

This website was created and is maintained with security in mind, however no system or platform is immune to hackers. In the unlikely event that this website is attacked such that your information is compromised, I will inform you of the situation immediately. Note: I do not store your credit card information.