As a wellness practitioner and herbalist, I use contemporary healing modalities rooted in the wise ways of our ancestors. The products I sell reflect the traditional medicine-making for the 21st century human. Each combination of plants is specifically chosen to act in small ways to uplift, nourish and comfort the body.


The ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, or local and the recipes and procedures are simple and time-tested. There are no dyes, fragrances, artificial preservatives, or unnecessary strange substances.


Healing is now a revolutionary act.
The greatest peacemakers in recorded history have been revolutionaries, and they have been guided by love. Love for their people and a desire for everyone to live their lives powerfully, with intention, in community, however they chose.

My intention is to empower adults and youth about our human capacity to heal ourselves through the conscious use of traditional, ancient wisdom – through the healing power of plants, of mushrooms, of algae, of animals, and of bacteria.