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Many women will have sudden, short bursts of pain in their breast tissue and armpits. Colloquially, it is called by several names, but at its root, it is usually lymphatic congestion. This often feels like a focused flare of pain that is not muscular in origin.

Dandelion flowers have been traditionally used to aid the flow of lymph. Olive oil is nourishing and has long shelf-life. Beeswax solidifies the oils at room temperature, making it safe for travel.

Massage this salve gently and lovingly over your breasts – and wherever you have been experiencing lymphatic congestion. You may also use it preventatively over any other area where lymph nodes are found.

Available in 1 ounce and 4 ounce sizes.

Ingredients: Dandelion flowers (wild-harvested), Olive oil, Beeswax (from a family apiary in the Finger Lakes region, NY).

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